Through the collaboration of Stephen Meader & the We Need To Talk podcast, Podcast MO was created on 1/1/19 by Nick Duggan of the Anything But Credible Network.  Podcast MO was created as a local free community that allows both fellow podcasters and podcast listeners to easily find great pods all around the Show Me State.  

The Midwest is not necessarily known as a major podcast hub, and we want to prove that wrong.  By bringing together every podcast statewide we can show and highlight all of the amazing content being produced within Missouri.

One of the foundations Podcast MO relies on is the ‘we’ mentality.  ‘We’ represents all of us podcasters.  It also represents us in the bigger picture along with the other state communities that are forming.  Together ‘we’ will stand for this creative community we are all helping to build!


Nick Duggan is the creator of the Anything But Credible Network and 1/3 host of the Anything But Credible Podcast.  He was born & raised in South City, St. Louis where he still currently resides.  Nick has spent his fair share around the lovely state of Missouri, including 5 years in Springfield, MO where he finished his schooling from Missouri State University with a double major in Media Studies and Electronic Arts-Audio.  

He believes you can judge every restaurant by their nachos, that every conversation is better over beer, and that everyone should listen locally.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to Nick.  He would love to help out wherever needed.  You can check out some of his previous work at https://www.duggannick.com/